VV (Ville Valo)–Neon Noir Album


VV (Ville Valo)–Neon Noir Album Zip Download

Finland Music star VV Ville Vallo has realeased his new Music Album Tagged Neon Noir 

This came after the singer released one of his singles Echolocate Your Love in September 2022 accompanied with a Music video

Stream and download Zip File  Neon Noir By Ville Valo

  1. Echolocate Your Love
  2. Run Away From The Sun
  3. Neon Noir
  4. Loveletting
  5. The Foreverlost
  6. Baby Lacrimarium
  7. Salute the Sanguine
  8. In Trenodia
  9. Heartful of Ghosts
  10. Saturnine Saturnalia
  11. Zener Solitaire
  12. Vertigo Eyes

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