Album Blurring The Edges (Expanded Edition) – Meredith Brooks

Album Blurring The Edges (Expanded Edition) Meredith Brooks

American singer-songwriter Meredith Brooks’ releases her second studio album,of Blurring the Edges, which was first made available on May 6, 1997, through Capitol Records. A remix of “I Need” and three live renditions of “Bitch,” “What Would Happen,” and “Wash My Hands” were included in an expanded edition of the album that was released on January 20, 2023 under the same label.

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  1. I Need
  2. Bitch
  3. Somedays
  4. Watched You Fall
  5. Pollyanne
  6. Shatter
  7. My Little Town
  8. What Would Happen
  9. It Don’t Get Better
  10. Birthday
  11. Stop
  12. Wash My Hands
  13. Little Slice
  14. Every Time She Walks Away
  15. I Need (Crusty Mix)
  16. Bitch (Live In Germany)
  17. What Would Happen (Live In Germany)
  18. Wash My Hands (Live In Germany)

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